Backing Up Baby

Update on Photo "Waiting" Goals:

While waiting I will . . .  

-------CULL and BACK UP photos

·      2012 Family June 2 to September 30 DONE!!!!
·      2012 Michael and Paul Jan 1 to September 30 (They need to do this for themselves, but I haven't told them because of beginning school)

George will . . . 

--------BACK UP on old computers

HP Envy - Misc. on his computer when I ran out of memory on computer below  - I realize that most of the stuff was already transferred to my new computer. I still need to cross check, but it isn't very much at all. 

HP dv6000 - Most already backed up, but mainly January - April 2011 - DONE!!!! 
I just need to check on the videos to make sure they were all backed up. Sometimes they lurk in different files. 

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