Straining Toward the Goal Freewrite

I anticipated a morning up in Hillsboro with George, but he decided to go a bit later to just meet the founder of the company and come back. So, I wouldn't have a big chunk of time to write today if I did that. So, I stayed home and now have a free day other than making an entree for the final Perspectives course tonight and probably correcting Nessa and Leslie's final homework so they can have closure TONIGHT rather than next week! I am so proud of them for finishing this course. I see bright possibilities for their futures, and it was a privilege to correct for them even though it was during a MOST stressful time in our lives!

The transition is in mid-stream, and I am doing OK. I think a back and forth for me is appropriate, maybe one week up there with George and one week down here with the young men. I did like how we had extra time to relate last week. I want to make a point of having sit down, face-to-face dinners with them.  

I am SO close to two BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS (BHAGS). I have them mapped out over the summer, but I just want to BLITZ it and get through these goals quickly!!!

Bible Book Club: 21 1/2 chapters (Portions of six books) left!

Hebrews 4-6; 10:19-11:39

1 Peter 1, 4-5 (with introduction which always makes for a longer post time)
2 Peter 1 (shorter introduction since I will have done a background on Peter)

1 John 1, 5 (with introduction)
2 John (shorter introduction)

Revelation 1-2; 7-9; 14-16; 20-21

Invitation to the Classics: 792 pages left! 

1) The Temple (70 pages left)
2) Go Down, Moses (316 pages left)
3) Fear and Trembling (42 pages left)
4) Selected Essays of Johnson (364 pages)

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