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Bible Book Club: 18 chapters left!

Hebrews 11                                    (1)

1 Peter 1, 4-5 (+ intro)                    (3)
2 Peter 1 (+ short intro)                  (1)

1 John 1, 5 (+ intro)                        (2)
2 John (+ short intro)                      (1)

Revelation 1-2; 7-9; 14-16; 20-21  (10)

Invitation to the Classics: 718 pages left! 

1) The Temple                           (50)
2) Go Down, Moses                 (315)
3) Selected Essays/Johnson     (353)
I am a woman on a mission. So I had to post my latest progress. The tabs from Word didn't exactly transfer over, but that is OK.

I was having a dream that I was in Mexico on a hill and both our truck and Suburban were sliding down off of it, and I was trying to hold it up. So I forced myself to wake up to avoid a catastrophe. Prior to that, I had waited for a haircut only to find that the girl who usually cuts my hair was going on a date, and a substitute was sent, and i went into quite a tizzy because I liked the other girl, and the new girl was unproven for my thick, hard-to-cut hair. Thus why I fled to the hill only to encounter a much tougher problem with our vehicles. LOL!

I am up early because I tried to watch Atlas Shrugged II after Kathleen left at 9:30 pm, and I fell asleep within minutes (and did not brush my teeth - I think that is why I had those anxiety dreams because I kept on thinking that I must get up and brush my teeth, but I could not wake up.).

It is going to be a good day:

1) George is HOME! He doesn't have to go up to Hillsboro until Tuesday!
2) I have lunch with Teala at 11 a.m.! Contact with someone my age!
3) It is Memorial Day Weekend
4) I am up early to start writing, and my back feels a bit better!
5) I am out of skim milk so made my chai tea with 2% this morning! WOOHOO! Rich and creamy chai! 
6) I should finish Hebrews today!

I know I have the fifteen minute timer on, but I am ready to start time in God's Word for another day. Rich time lately. So good!
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