George says we have been here and there lately. I think he is right. Wednesdays always make me realize that I am still a very busy woman! I have many appointments this week and have a hard time writing.  If I do not get up SUPER early, it seems that the day gets away from me. Partly because George is here in the mornings now. This morning I had lots of juggling of schedules that ate away at my writing time.

 It seems I am going more to people rather than them coming to me lately. One appointment I have today is someone I do not know and out of my realm of influence, but someone else recommend I meet with her. So. I will this one time.

I wonder if one person would be open to going back to meeting HERE again rather than me going to campus. I thought we were going to meet every other week on  campus and the off weeks we would meet at night but unless I schedule it, she will not necessarily remember that. Jennifer did come to me this week and Leslie is also very game. I just have two meetings today. Next Wednesday night we need to do that, and I hope she just puts it in her calendar and remembers to come. I get so tired of having to follow up on every appointment I make to guarantee we are still "on". That gets exhausting at times. So, I will make an appointment for next Wednesday night. George will be gone and have the evening free.
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