Saturday Freewrite

Despite staying up very late last night (1:30 am), I was up by 6 am this morning. I have already listened to Religious Affections and made some tea and have James 4 out, ready to finish. The only thing I have today is a wedding at 1 pm, and I do not think we will stay long for the reception. I will split the day between James and finishing up reading my last five books of Invitation to the Classics:

1. The Temple (72 pages)
2. A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections (52%)
3. Go Down, Moses (Chapter 2, 9.99 for Kindle is pricey and have library book)
4. Fear and Trembling (not started, broke down and put it on my Kindle)
5. Selected Essays from the "Rambler", "Adventurer" and "Idler" (still has not come in the mail)

I read Doctor Johnson's Prayers in about an hour last night, and it was a lovely way to fill my mind with great things before bedtime! He was a truly godly man. That is what I love about the ITC list: it is filled with much more edifying books than last year's list! 

All that said, I am ready to be done with other people's lists after over 10 years of reading. It is nice to begin and end with the Invitation to the Classics that I bought on October 16, 2002 and immediately started reading The Brother's Karamazov. So, I am going to shoot for being done with this list by that October 16 deadline which I think I will more than exceed as I have a summer of reading ahead of me and all the books in my sight (except the one in the mail).


I think the first book I want to read is Warren Wiersbe's biography, Be Myself, which I purchased more than a couple of years ago and have never gotten around to reading. It sits on my shelf asking to be read as I write for the Bible Book Club. He has helped me SO MUCH in this journey. What a "mentor from afar" he has been!

Well, speaking of Bible Book Club, I have 27 more posts left, and I am done with that. I think I can finish by the middle of July. Then, I will do my Jesse Tree posts and instructions for making the tree July - August and edit my Messiah Meditations in August - September! 

YAY! I am going to find CLOSURE on several things!!!!
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