Fifteen Minute Free Saturday

I do not have anything in particular to unload. So I will just write until the harp on my iPhone says it has been fifteen minutes. 

I took a week off from Bible Book Club, and that was really great. We went away to California, attended Andrew and Karina's lovely wedding, saw Brian N., Jens and Deborah, Jerome and Terri M., my brother, sister-in-laws, and niece, Susanne, Dave and Lin Hunt, and Sonrise Center (formerly Fallbrook Presbyterian) people. We ate good food (In and Out and Kona Beach burgers!!!) and had great fellowship. I liked getting away from my keyboard to restart my life again after a very stressful March/April with all the job uncertainty/drama.

So, I am refreshed and reenergized for today. I have book club at 8 am, but I hope to get through 1 Timothy 6 before then. Just listened to it while doing other things.

"THE WELL" in one sentence for each area:

Heart - Three years in June since any "major" drama with crazy people because I politely decline to be around those kinds of people anymore.

Soul - I am getting toward the finish line of my 5 1/2 year Bible Book Club journey having been SO enriched in my soul.

Mind - I have seven books and four pages left in my Invitation to the Classics journey!

Strength - I am maintaining my 30 pound weight loss by regular accountability through "FACED" with Katrina and Rachel and had no major back pain in over a month!

I am not doing fifteen. I cannot wait to get to my time in 2 Timothy! BYE!


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