Freewrite Fifteen Follow up from Yesterday

I ended up having a fabulous day yesterday. It started out gloomy, like the rain that had descended upon the valley after many sunny days prior. Maybe it was the weather too that affected my mood, but I was pretty mopey until I decided to be PROACTIVE.

One thing I did was write a "feeling freewrite" that I did yesterday. I also wrote my FACED accountability group saying that I was down, and I did not want to turn to food to solve the problem. I also sent out a text for Nancy to pray for me!

It also helped that God providentially led me to James 1 instead of Hebrews 4 that was next in in line to be written. That was totally Him. I cut and pasted the Philips version to the addendum in my post. 

Then I set in motion the "Natural Ways to Increase Dopamine (Pleasure Center) and Serotonin (Impulse Control) Without Using Food to Elevate It." I called Kim so we could walk (SWEAT) and talk (BONDING) on hospital hill (BEAUTY + SUNLIGHT). It ended up being rainy so we talked in her office, but I walk up and back and got everything but the SUN, but it was LIGHT. So it counted. :) I also SMILED while I did it (as I am smiling now). That helped me so much. She validated my reality about some things. I also felt supported by Barb and Julie on the adjustment to George being gone. 

I set the table for a Dutch Baby dinner, and I was not afraid to ask question to draw my kids out. They are such INTROVERTS, but it was good to be able to BOND with the BABES and not have to compete with George (who usually drives the conversation). I know they think I ask too many questions, but I think it is important for their growth to talk more. :)

I also had a great time with Kathleen (BONDING) talking through "Many Aspire, Few Attain." She had actually read it and marked it all up with notes. There were some things she did not agree with, but overall, she really liked it.

I also just kept to my ROUTINE of writing, working at home, and walking around the block when I have a block (SWEAT and SUNSHINE). I also treated myself to a DVD (PLAY) while I folded laundry.

It lifted by mid-day.

On George's front, he had a GREAT full second day of work at TriQuint. He also had a GREAT talk with his mom last night, and he really sees  how valuable it is to be up there with her as she ages. We will all be OK, and I can definitely have full weeks where I am up there with him, and Paul can even come up with us some of those weeks. The only drawback is Michael cannot because he would have to bring all of his computer stuff and find an internet connection. That would be hard, but it isn't impossible, and we should think about that some of the time. We can probably do that during our two weeks in one of the apartments provided for us in the transition too. So that is good. 

This whole thing is going to work out just fine. I have God's peace. I just need to let go of the old and embrace the new, welcoming it as a friend rather than resenting it as an intruder on my life (Phillips version of James 1:2-4 from yesterday).


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