Self-Imposed Deadlines Be Damned

I only have another 1 1/2 hours until I have to pick George up from his workplace, and we go back to Corvallis. I had hoped to get through Hebrews 11 by this morning with just a little more to go on Hebrews 6, but I am at that "falling away" subject in 6:4-6, and I do not have any desire to just gloss it over. I could have just ground it out by my 5 pm deadline yesterday if I had pushed, but how can you gloss over such an important passage? It isn't about OUTPUT but about EXPERIENCING GOD in this whole exercise of the Bible Book Club.

So the thing is that I have slowed myself down. I have thrown out the deadline, and I am EXPERIENCING GOD in Hebrews 4:4-6. I am BLOWN AWAY at His presence with me as I sit at the Starbuck's facing the Hillsboro Costco this morning. He is real. I am not going to be able to explain Him away by reason or eloquently philosophize about Him like Soren Kierkegaard (reading him right now), but I am going to just communicate that He is real in the Starbuck's today, mark it on your calendar Sue Thompson!

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