91% Through My Invitation to the Classics List!

  1. 1633 The Temple – Herbert (1/2 way through)
  2. 1746 A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections – Edwards (started)
  3. 1759 Essays and Rasselas – Johnson
  4. 1791 The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. – Boswell
  5. 1843 Fear and Trembling - Kierkegaard
  6. 1888 Twilight of the Idols - Nietzsche
  7. 1942 Go Down, Moses - Faulkner
I am so close to my goal, but the thought of one more Faulkner and one more Nietzche . . . well.  No! It doesn't depress me. I am a fighter. I am a finisher. I am going to go for it!!!

The other ones are hard to get through but in a good sort of way. Samuel Johnson is big one on everyone's radar. You do not realize how influential he was until you know his name. Then you hear him quoted and mentioned. Herbert and Edwards are spiritual, and I always love that. Keirkegaard is brilliant but tough. I love brilliance, even though it makes my brain hurt in the light of it.


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