Wednesday Wellness

Wednesday Wellness

Well-Watered Soul 

We prayed for a good long time in the Kingdom Community about all the unrest in the world. Praying for peace in Afghanistan. Thanking God for the opening in North Korea so that people there can get food (praying that it gets through to them all and the government doesn't gobble it up). He is agreeing to let inspectors come in. Maybe this is the answer to all our prayers for opening in North Korea. The 27 year old leader may be more malleable than his American culture loving (but government hating) father. 

I am in the Passion Week in the Gospel Harmony Book Club and in our Kingdom Community gospel reading. It is tough every time. I don't want it to ever not be tough to see what Jesus suffered on my behalf. 

Well-Educated Mind 

I am on my last Shakespearean play on the 100 Great Books List. I just finished Act II of The Merchant of Venice. That will be my first book for this first day of March. 

I really need to finish Song of Years. It is so much more interesting to read classics than things like that. I like Bess Streeter Aldrich. She was a decent writer for her time, but this book is so flat and so all encompassing of years. I like "tighter" stories. Of Mice and Men had just a few characters and was about a smaller set of time. I was immediately engrossed. This one is just a rambling on of years (maybe that is why it is called Song of Years). Well, the SONG IS TOO LONG!  LOL! I am more than halfway through it, and I prefer Shakespeare to this boring book.

I know that some people in my book club would be aghast at such a statement. We have people who LOVE Aldrich books, and she is their favorite author. I have liked her other books though, especially The Rim of the Prairie which was a "tight" book. There was a small amount of time, and there was even a mystery that kept me reading to the end. 

There is no mystery to Song of Years, and I can't wait until it ends!  If I finish that, I will only have one more book to have read all the Book Babe books that I missed. 

Well-Adjusted Heart 

I hear the diesel truck revving up in the driveway. I convinced George to drive today instead of try to ride his bike in the freshly fallen snow. Yes, there is beautiful SNOW. I walked out in it in order to snap some pictures. It is still very crunchy and not slushy yet. I love freshly fallen snow!

My heart is good.

Now, I hear Michael's alarm. Paul has no class today but piano and Dial-a-Book book deliveries. Maybe I can convince them to do this with me before Michael goes to class and Paul to piano as my back is a bit sore.

Well-Tuned Strength

Yes, the back is sore. It is sore because of tightness and not because I wrenched it. I started that new workout routine with Shandra, and it really is very hard. I should have just done the stretching in Pilates and skipped the strength moves because I think my back was too tight to do it. 

I think I am sorer today than yesterday, at least in my triceps. OUCH! This is good to mix it up a bit. I have been relaxing as my shoulder has healed. I think it is now at 95%.

I am resting today though. I can't go walking (unless I walk in a field which is a possibility and would be beautiful) because I don't like walking in the snow on concrete (I fall). 

Michael is up and said "Good Morning!"  The bell just rang. 
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