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Monday, Monday

Well-Watered Soul

I am not really in the mood to freewrite because I want to get right to meditating in 2 Chronicles this morning after a weekend of meditating in other (good) things due to the Elders and Wives Retreat in Lincoln City.

What a lovely retreat with lovely people. I have great respect for each and every one of them. No lie. It was a pleasure to talk theme for the year: Follow Jesus . . . Step by Step (With the ellipsis because Steven likes them just as much as I like alliterations. Knowing I like them so much, he gave an adaptation for me: Faithfully Follow the Father's Feet).  So, we are still deciding on a theme verse. I think it was going to be 1 Peter 2:21:

George and I were also called upon (after Clint could read my body language) about possibly experimenting with an "arm" of our church being house churches so as to relieve further building, parking problems, etc. Growth with a symbiotic relationship between traditional church and house. It was super well-received, and we will just pray into that. Shocked at how well-received it really was.

My favorite part of the weekend was each couple BRIEFLY sharing and then praying over them. This was 2 1/2 hours of prayer saturation over each unit. LOVED THAT!  Vickie was so sweet to pray for my daily writing. Since so few of them know that I even do that for my "vocation," it was sweet that she remembered that from a group conversation at dinner on Friday night.

I am so glad to be a part of this wonderful group of saints!

Shift gears as George and I came home from the coast, cleaned our house, and hosted 19 people for Bob B. coming and sharing from his heart about people going to unreached places around the world. It was a very nice time, and I love that saint too. One thing that Bob said challenged me: that new laborers were spending 2 hours a day in prayer and that was one of the commitments. So, I am challenged to do the same. That is my application from the time, and it is perfect as the Gospel Harmony Book Club is finished (until I edit it next year) and I am only doing 8-13 posts each month for the Bible Book Club. I definitely "pray as I go" with that, but I mean laborer kind of prayer. That is what I want to do. Luke 10 prayer. Even though that didn't get picked for our church theme, I think it is going to be my theme for the year.

Well-Educated Mind

This blog already says what I just read. The 100 Great Books are so much easier and accessible than The Well-Educated Mind books. This list has so many books I have heard of and have always wanted to read. So, YAY! Lord of the Flies was playing on my iPod as I fixed tea this morning.

I am listening to The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer again, and it is interesting that he read the Complete Works of Shakespeare on his knees, asking God how to understand them. I so love that about him! I think that reading Shakespeare can be such a spiritual experience, and it is nice to know it is sanctioned by one of the great spiritual mentors of the 20th Century!

Lord Jim was really wonderful. I am still pondering its meaning. But there is a reason why Conrad is so lauded as an author.

Well-Adjusted Heart

I am doing so well. Peace with people is great. I am always amazed at how things have changed since leaving our old fellowship. Heart health is so important.

Well-Tuned Strength

I've decided to totally abandoned the strength routine that Shandra gave me. It really hurts my back, and I am not sure why she didn't just give me back-saving routines. It also hurts my knees, and I know how to accomplish so many of these strength moves without putting my back in a compromising position.

Eating was pretty rampant this weekend at the retreat. So, I am reigning myself in this week. It is time. I have been pretty liberal since my trip to Hawaii. The vacation is over and trying to get back to less in and more out!

I think I will walk to workout today if it is not raining.

Oh my, I have gone on for longer than my usual 15 minutes. Must check the weather radar and get to walking to class!
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