Thursday Already?

This will be quick. I haven't had a night in a long time where I didn't fall asleep immediately. I made chai twice yesterday. It wasn't too late in the morning for me, but I think the caffeine combo of the two probably was my limit for one day, no matter how early I drank it.

Prayer has been great lately. I have been trying to walk and pray that last few days, and it is so much easier for me to stay focused.

Well, I don't need to write much to warm up my fingers. I finished 1 Kings and started 2 Kings yesterday and am on 2 Chronicles 21 now. I had a break with the psalms yesterday, and I loved the break from battle. Old Testament study has been really good this year with the balance of the gospels for our kingdom community.

Speaking of our kingdom community. We had a discussion about what our church would look like if we were to have one. I got more confused than ever, and I wonder how that looks with what you would have overseas. I'm not a visionary though. I am more a plodder/disciplemaker/investing in people on the micro level rather than a macro thinker. So, Lord, bring someone like that here.

Off to 2 Kings. 
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