Sunday Morning Rise Write

Well-Watered Soul

I am listening to The Confessions of St. Patrick right now. I love it. It is a lovely way to start the day as I get ready to do the Bible Book Club. I love how he quotes Scripture throughout his writings. 

I am in the kings of Israel and Judah right now. It has been good. I am happy to fill in the holes of the last time that I did this. God is changing me through this deep time in His word. I think about Beth saying, "You've got to log the time." I agree so wholeheartedly. It has to be devotional rather than academic logging though. And I can't think of approaching this any other way. 

I know I read a ton of books (or listen to them when I work, commute in the car, or exercise more than anything - rarely do I sit down and read a book), but my best hours of the day are spent at His feet, and if that means getting up really early to do so, I find such joy in it. George laughs when I say that I can't wait to get up the next morning. It is because I come to You, God, and Your Word, and it waters my soul more than anything. Gives me the strength to get through the day. Gives me a good attitude and discernment toward hurting people instead of taking their overly critical and negative presence personally (like I used to).  I know when others have not spent time with You. It is obvious. Living in a world devoid of you would make me overly critical too. Such pain I see in eyes. I pick it up and when I was insecure, I would think it was me that they were critical of. Now, I can separate it. It makes being in groups of people adrift so much easier. So many people adrift when YOU can be the anchor of their souls. Being a "sometimes believer" can't anchor them. 

But I digress. My heart hurts and is filled with compassion for something recently. 

Well-Educated Mind

I don't know why, but I loved Lord of the Flies. Well, "loved" is not the right word. Again, these fictional accounts of "what if" societies intrigue me. This book nails the depravity of man so beautifully, and how wonderful to have a 1977 recording of the author reading it and his commentary before and after. 

Candide is funny. I am thinking there is much social commentary in it. I need to understand that, but for now, I am just enjoying the adventure. I am almost done. Less than 1/2 hour.

The Hunger Games has totally surprised me! I really, really like it. It is totally fitting in with my "dystopian novel" theme of the last couple of months! LOL! I like this hero girl. So far, she hasn't disappointed me, but I still have 150 pages to go and part of the afternoon and all evening to finish it. :) I can be among the screaming teenyboppers clammering for the opening of the movie. I'm IN! (But I'll wait a week or two before I go. Not willing to wait in long lines or buy an advanced ticket for it). 

Well-Adjusted Heart

I almost think this section can become a mute point because my emotional well-being is to inextricable combined with how well-watered I am in my soul. I am believing the truth about what God is saying to me, and I don't do knee-jerk reactions as much. Partly because of the change of life. Partly because I have heard God's truth. I point back to my time with Carol last May or June. I should write down when that was. That was one of the most significant Theophostic times for me. I really saw You light cover the disapproving face of my mom, and the opinions of man (more importantly woman) don't affect me like they used to. Galatians 1:10 has been my prayer for years:

"For am I now seeking the favor of men, or of God? Or am I striving to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a bond-servant of Christ." (Galatians 1:10, NASB95) 

I shared this verse with Rachel at our Romans Bible Study last Tuesday, and then she got an email devotional with this as the key verse the next day! Confirmation for her and for me (I felt strongly that I needed to share this with her). 

Well-Tuned Strength

I am pretty free of pain everywhere. I even shot baskets for 45 minutes on Friday and my shoulder was great! I need to do that more often. It is a great workout if I keep moving up and down the court, and I listen to my books while I do it. It beats the boring elliptical!

I have had to modify the strengthening program that Shandra gave me. I am going to Pilates more, and Jessica said, "Carol, you are probably a LOT stronger than I am because your body has longer levers than my short body." She always goes up and down on those push ups and towel/ball extensions and pull ins, but she is right. I have much more to pull in and push up! LOL!  With Jessica's routine and some of Shandra's exercises and Paula's weight work, I am doing better. I just need to listen to my body rather than do the exercises someone without my back issues gives me. The one who understands it the most is Jessica. She is constantly telling me to "be careful" when we do a move. She understands my back, and she is the person who really got me ready for surfing.

I'm strong, and I am doing much better with my eating. :)  It helps to not have any kind of medicine in me because I always have to eat when I take it, and this messes me all up. :) I haven't been taking them for a long time. 

Well, I didn't even put the timer on this time. So, I am pretty sure this freewrite is way longer than a 15 minute one. 
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