Saturday Freewrite

The day is half over, but I thought I would sort through all my "threads" of life today.

I love Saturdays! They are usually so free now that we have made a commitment to truly make it a Sabbath unless there are unavoidable things. Last week, we couldn't avoid the Elders and wives retreat at the coast, and this week, George couldn't avoid the planning meeting for the global council.

I had book club this morning. It was fun to review the life of William Wilberforce as I prepared to lead. William Wilberforce was a hit, but I am sorry the book got such a low score so out of sync with the reviews on Amazon that gave it an equivalent 8.8/10. I think our group gave it an average a little above a 4. It certainly wasn't as bad as Christmas In Plains, was it?  Most of the books I have recommended have gotten much higher scores (most in the 8-10 range). I knew this group probably wouldn't like it though, and I hesitated for four years (I think I read it in 2008).  I should have just kept it to myself, but I didn't take it personally. I have grown in that way.

I am all over the map in my reading today! After prayer and a little in 2 Kings/2 Chronicles 21, I listened to writings on St. Patrick. So lovely! I am almost done with that little gem of an audiobook.

I also took a 5 K walk and laughed out loud as I listened to Candide. I have always wondered about this book. It is satire, and I can't wait to read more background after I am done to understand the hidden meaning behind all of it. (I am sure my book club wouldn't like that book either though.)

Now, I am going to do some Bible Book Club and try to finish both Candide and St. Patrick Confession. Then I am going to lose myself in The Hunger Games.  I really am all over the map. :)

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