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Sickness in the Morning

I'll just write straight for 15 minutes without taking my fingers off the keys. 

I haven't done this for a while because we were on vacation. The zoo was fabulous. The day was sunny (but not warm), and the animals were out, and it is nice to have kids that are still interested in animals. We ate good Portland pizza and donuts (I could only stomach one, but the kids had many more), great hearty hotel breakfast, Indian food. We feasted on Powell's Books and walk a crazy amount. We even hiked Multnomah Fall which was much harder than I thought. Everyone told me it was easy, but I think those are people who only went to the bridge and not up the 11 switchbacks that led to the platform overlooking the top. I felt like I talked them all into something they didn't enjoy, but they all said they enjoyed it afterward just as Paul even said he enjoyed working out at Timberhill and missed that. That was a good conversation too.  Things we don't look forward too but do once we have done it. I have gotten through that barrier in my physical exercise. I don't even flinch now about going to work out or even run because I know that I always feel better afterwards. They usually have to remind themselves of that. All part of growing.

It was a growing time for our family. I shed a few tears to get to deeper issues, and we realized how much we all mean to each other. That was so sweet. I love these three so much. It was a sweet family trip, but it made its adjustments as we realize that they will be leaving the nest soon, and our family vacations may not look the same. The kids were totally open to having a weekly coffee date one-on-one with me. I realize that I need that since they are going to LB. I see them going in and out, but I so miss being on the couch reading books and doing homeschool TOGETHER. I want to know them as adults now. I have keenly sensed the loss that I feel since the homeschool chapter has closed. I loved those years. I will NEVER regret homeschooling. 

We also got the book, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can't Stop Talking. Paul really realizes how much his introversion has hindered him. He can't initiate with people very easily. He wants to grow in that area. We are going to try to read it together. Michael is growing and has become more outgoing as Conrad disciples him. I am not sure if he will read it, but it will be good for Paul and I to read it. People do not believe that I am an introvert, but I definitely have been trained to be more extraverted, and I can seem that way to the outside world. At best I am an "ambivert" (Cain's word, but I usually use "midtravert" in my talks on personality type). I can function well in both the inside and outside world, but I have to tell myself to function in the outside world, but I never have to tell myself to have some alone time. That should tell you something right there!

Well, the kids are stirring, and I hope to have some breakfast with them. My cold feels better this morning than it did when I first got up. You know I am sick when I sleep almost nine hours when I usually only need six. :)

I have 1:36 left on my timer, and I have not lifted my fingers from the keyboard, and I am not going to proofread this thing. 

Heather, I know that I need to respond to your fasting question. I thought I already did. It may be hidden inside the email I sent about other things, and it may not be very long. Fasting: it is good. It helps you focus on the LORD rather than food. It makes going and praying easier if you don't have to pack along food. Every time your stomach hungers, you can channel it into hungering for the LORD.

Bell ringing!
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