I am neglecting this blog

I have been so busy with my other daily blog that I am neglecting this blog. So, I am just writing a bit.


I am loving my study of Romans. It is nice to be just studying ONE book of the Bible now. It was hard juggling both Ephesians and Romans over the last couple of months. So, it is nice to be done. I just have Bird's Eye View, and this is just an overview study. So, it isn't deeper study stuff. So, I can handle this when it kicks back up in late February.

What a wonderful thing to see the "heavens declaring the glory of God" while I have my head up and looking around at picture opportunities, and unexpected biproduct of the Project365!

I have been finding a lovely balance of prayer and study lately, and I feel like the Lord and I are tracking. I feel so surrounded by loving fellowship right now. Kim and Nancy are real highlights even though the beginning was sort of bumpy. That "dance of discomfort" when I am in a new situation is dispelling.

It is so well with G and I, but it usually is. He is the greatest husband in the world. The kids are great these days. We have so much happiness in our life with each other. Overflowing. It is nice to have that much happiness in my church family too. Too many unhappy people at my old church, and it is nice to be with those who have trials in their life, but it is just a different feel all the way around about what God is doing in their lives. It is almost too weird how scary it is at the old place now that I am in the new. I will always be grateful for God's deliverance of me, and I know that people probably get tired of me blogging about that fact!


I am in a reading funk right now. I just don't feel like starting a new book at the moment. I have Marley and Me waiting for me at the library. So, I think I will just read that and not try anything too deep for now.

Food and Exercise

Exercise is great. I am back on track. Food has been fabulous too the last few days.

Daily Care of Family

Good. Homeschool is going really well. I think that we are on track. House is clean. Laundry is done. Life is good, and we are eating well. :)

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