A Brighter Day

We have had pouring down rain for the last two days, but just like the song says, "the sun will come out tomorrow!" I still have my periods of weepyness, but I am as peace.

Decided in the shower today that I would JUST concentrate on the FE (Food and exercise) for the rest of the days on this little discipline regime. I am down four pounds. That puts me only 1 pound over my ideal weight! YEAH!

The tricky news is that I am going to be a wearing a close fitting bridesmaid dress in June that is taffetta. Therefore, it is going to show every bump! So, I would like to get below even my ideal weight!


FOOD: So far Friday has been good. I have had:
Slim-Fast Bar (just because I have been so busy with all the emails and calls regarding Bruce and his surgery)
Oregon Chai tea with Low Fat whipped cream

EXERCISE: Already accomplished for the day!
1 hour of POWER with Group Power
1 1/2 hours on the Elliptical!

I cried a bucket yesterday and even cried more today on the phone with Kim, but I am GOOD, and I am needing to pray for these lovely friends and quite typing on this blog!
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