Evaluating Yesterday: An A- Day

Food - B

I did great until about 3 p.m. Then, I ate all the rest of the totilla roll-ups and had 1/2 cup apple crisp with ice cream on top. I still think it was a great day because I didn't snack before bed! So, I would give myself a B.

Today: I want to make sure I get enough veggies and stay away from the remaining apple crisp!

Academics - Read 1 hour. A+

Today: 1/2 hour

Communion - Good day of Rest in Romans

I had lots of extra time. So, I finished my Romans 2 study and had a good time of praying for the world and "stuff."

Today: Will pray through Scripture and Romans 2 as I seek the Lord's will for how He wants to take what I have learned and apply it to my life!

Exercise - A+ 1 hour Group Power, 1 hour Elliptical

Today: 1 hour walk with Paul or George?

Daily Care - A

Good homeschooling day where we got everything done. Swabbed my bathroom.

Today: Swab boys bathroom. Check on laundry level and do load if necessary.

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