It may sound funny but . . .

Photographing my food and posting it here is keeping me from eating as much!


1) I have to go to the trouble of taking a picture and posting it. So, I am not sneaking little snacks here and there because it costs me time and hassle to put it out there.

2) Others see it, and that always makes me accountable. :) It is sort of like the food loop that we used to have where we all posted what we ate ever day. This is just a visual of that concept.

3) Research has shown that people who eat consistently the same thing for breakfast and lunch tend to have less weight problems because they know what they are getting into. I am trying to do that for at least two meals a day, and I let my third meal be the variety. I can just use the same picture again when I do this. So, it keeps me consistent knowing what I am eating.

Doing really well with this new fun week. I will only do it a week though. Too much time, but it is getting me back in the GROOVE of eating right after a "emotional munchout" last week because of the surgery.

By the Way, he went walking with his kids today, and his wife says you would never know he just had brian surgery. YIPPEE!
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