Lazy Day

I love lazy days. I woke up and was going to go to work out, but I didn't feel well. I went back to sleep, and I will go to workout at the 6:20 p.m. class at TH. So, I slept but got up and had some good time in Romans, structuring Romans 1:18-32. I sent it to K and N after that.

Then, we got to listening to The Story of the World: The Middle Ages, Disc 2, and I love it. While we did that, I did more Core Truths and Memory Verses from Discipleship Essentials. I love those truths, and it was good to type them in today and say, I LOVE THE BASICS of the Christian life! He makes it all so very simple.

I also spent some time organizing photos, and I am pretty sure I have most of the Adobes integrated into the HP Premier, and I am not going to download into the Adobe anymore. Too confusing.

The boys did Math and we went to Rachel's for haircuts and M had a blast going through their little farmette and taking pictures of various things. I think we have a future photographer on our hands. He is very good!

I came home and updated my blog and also talked to K.I. So, now I am waiting to go to workout, but I will feed the 'chilins before I go.

Then, I will pick up Monarch of the Glen, and hopefully, G and I will be able to watch some of it tonight!
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