Food Photo History Sunday to Sunday

I got this great idea as I was waking up this morning!

I will take a picture of everything that goes into my mouth for a week! This might be a big project or it might just make me not eat as much because of the hassle of having to take a picture of it for all the world to see!

I will also take a picture to symbolize my workouts. I might not take the camera to the club (too heavy and conspicuous), but I will take a pic to symbolize or maybe even use an old picture from one of my Dale Carnegie workout photos!

Today is a 1/2 day of prayer. I have so much on my heart that I need that time. It is my application from Bible study and reading this week to do this. I will take the kids to Sunday School and drop George off at Church and have some time of quiet and then I will go and pick everybody up again. I know it will be an interrupted 1/2 day, but such is the disadvantage of having only one car!
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