Prayerful Review of Week

Hard to believe that I have not done one of these for a week. I can see the advantage of doing it at the end of the day, and I am going to try to do that before I go to bed in the new year. I may or may not post it here though.

Prayerful Review of December 11-18:

What made me feel most alive and in tune with God's plan:
Jumping right back into my beautiful life in Corvallis by having a cookie party less than 24 hours after my return.  Ika, Rika, Nancy, Rebekah, and Heather. I loved that we all pooled our gifts together. Nancy is so good at hospitality (I am the only person in the group who does not have that gift). Her house was so beautifully decorated. Rebekah had made cookie and frosting, and I demonstrated how to make cranberry scones (using my teaching gift). I also explained the Advent Wreath. I had put together the whole Christmas story from Prophets to Angels to Shepherds to Wise Men to Jesus. I feel most alive when I teach.

Talk with sensible 20-somethings who are friends with my niece and her new husband. They all had their heads on straight and were not into the partying. That was refreshing to see the individuals in the group.

Reading Notes from a Small Island on the way back from Cabo - I feel so alive when I read. I don't know why, but I do.

War and Peace mini-series with George - Tolstoy has such spirituality woven into his deep tales. Loved every minute of this thing. So good to enjoy it with George.

Snow days and walks in it. George being home from Wednesday to Friday because of it.

Our family all together and God opening up the skies with sunshine so we could go grab a tree.

Watching the kids decorate the tree all on their own.

Gathering around the Advent Wreath and Jesse Tree for stories that tell the Scarlet Thread of Redemption from Creation to Christ.

Singing "Come Thou Long, Expected Jesus" with my family is one of the best feelings EVER.

Serving the Stewarts as a family. We helped them move.

A nice note from both my niece's about Cabo.
What made me feel most dead and not in tune with God's plan:
Two "deadening" encounters with people come to mind, but I feel God wants me to retract what I wrote previously. If they involve other people the details will be between me and God!
Ways to show my love for God and others today:

Fellowship and love on our pastor and his wife at their retirement celebration.

Follow up: YES! Great retirement celebration!

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