Freewrite for 2016

This might be my final freewrite of the year. It may not be. I take Teala out for her annual birthday extravaganza starting at 1:30, and I have a free morning. I worked hard until 1:30 yesterday going through ALL (yes all - oh wait, there is one more downstairs in my "too file long term" basket) my papers yesterday. I puttered and organized and tossed in the recycling bin. Papers are my nemesis. Seriously, if I stayed on top of it every day, it would be a two minute process, probably. Instead, about every six months or so I go through all of them, finding unopened envelopes of mail. Oh, maybe it has been more than six months because I think there was something from last - no, it was only last June so it has been about six month. WHEW!

Anywho, I do have a device that I got last April that I still have not opened. It measures body fat on each part of your body, and I thought I would use it for my personal training, but I have not gotten around to opening it, but at least it is out of the "junk" Amazon box I have been storing in my office closet to go through some day. Well that "some day" was yesterday, and I say YAY for me! YAY for getting things done.

I celebrated by going to the Iszlers to make St. Nicholas Day cookies. Kim rolled out and cut and Paul mostly decorated, but I sat and talked and washed up for Kim afterward. I liked it. We rarely get to sit down and talk together now that she and I both work. She is my soulmate; probably the friend who totally "gets" me because we are like twins. I like a variety of friends, but we do totally get each other. She is not as empathetic as I am, but other than that, we are a LOT alike in how we see the world.

In fact, she helped validate my reality about an incident that happened the day after Christmas. I RARELY have strange incidents with people since I said GOOD BYE to toxic people ten years ago. I have brief encounters, but they are not people I chose to be around (I used to be a glutton for punishment because those people wanted me as a friend but I just do not do that anymore for the sake of my family and sanity). This is one I could not avoid, however. I handled it with firmness, but I did not let it make me angry or afraid. I just dealt with it and moved on.

That is real growth for me. This person is similar to the other weird encounters I used to have with a coworker. Then that coworker was removed from his position, and his replacement is the epitome of kindness and healthy communication. So, I am blessed. It almost caused me to considered resigning from my position that I love so much, but he was removed to no longer bully me anymore.

So, this newest situation was a blip on the screen that I will move on from. It is not good what that person did, but I am powerless to change that person. So, I move on and will pray. I prayed every day for that person for a whole year about 15 years ago, and it made a huge difference in how I handle that person. So, I will go back to it. It is not worth my time or effort to try to talk to them though. Some people are always "right" and cannot see how they affect other people. It is sad because I don't think they realize how many people they drive away by their behavior.

All that said, I was sick two days ago, but it was good to just be in bed for a whole day. I feel great today and am going to scrapbook right now because my freewrite fifteen time is almost over, and I must get up and get moving.

Oh I do have a bit more time - maybe three minutes (forgot I took a break during this freewrite to look for something). Micah is SO SWEET, he ordered me a GarminVivoFit3 for half price! I am wanting to track my step count. I miss my BodyBugg! I wish they would come back with that technology! Anywho, he ordered it for 45% off for, and I already paid him.

Now it is time to go. :)

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