42. God Guides by Mary Geegh

This is maybe my third time through this book.(Although my blog records I have only read it once before in 2014. I think I partially read it again in 2015 and did not finish it, but I digress.) I am always challenged to take time to "Listen and Obey" God's voice as a result. I think the key thing added to the mix is writing down what I hear. That has helped me to remember to follow through on the "obey" part. I often write it with shower crayons on my shower wall. It is amazing how God really does orchestrate everything in His time. He is real. I know that for a fact.

Here is what I wrote after I read it the first time and was evaluating all the books I had read in 2014:

Most thrilling, oh my goodness, I want to read it again, unputdownable book?

God Guides by Mary Geegh. 

This book is life-changing for anyone who wants a dynamic relationship with God. I recommend it to everyone, and I give it away like candy now. It is the simple concept of listening to God and obeying Him, but I love that it communicates this through real-life stories of a person who lived in India for over 30 years! She also recommends a “listen and obey” time every day where your WRITE DOWN what God tells you. Since I easily forget, I have gotten into this habit, and it has really helped me.  I recommended this book to two different friends that each ordered 100. One friend had given all 100 away within two months.
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