Freewrite on a Wednesday Morning

I have not had a "Wellness of Body" Freewrite in a very long time.

I am back on LoseIt! App. I had a 46 day reporting streak between June 1 - July 16. I even tried to record my first day in England, but it was too much work! Plus, I had met my England goal! Yay! Then I did so much walking and biking that I lost another 1 1/2 pounds on vacation. That is a FIRST for me! I gained five in two weeks when we went to Europe in 2014!

Now I sit five months later, and I gained all the pounds I had gotten rid of prior to England. At my niece's wedding in Cabo, I looked at pictures of us, and I thought, "What happened to me!" I had not been on the scale since AUGUST and had not really noticed that I had gained it all back! I keep making this commitment to weighing my self and maintaining like I did for TWO YEARS after my 30 pounds weight loss four years ago. What happened? (Note: I have kept off 15 of the 30 for all four years though. So, that is the GOOD NEWS)

Life happened! When the fall hits, and I get really busy. I am too busy to record. I am too tired to not eat. I have more anxiety (not a ton, but it is always stressful getting my Kingdom Community up and running and my classes started at OSU). Plus, I go from having more cardio time in the summer (I love to be outdoors exercising) to more strength/Pilates time in the fall, winter, and spring. I was determined to not let that happen this fall after being stuck inside and feeling miserable with my allergies last spring, but I did not follow through on my commitment. I also had something traumatic happen to me two weeks after I got back from the joyful time in England and two wonderful weddings following that. Something came out of NOWHERE, and it sent me reeling emotionally. I had not been hit like that in SO LONG. I think it affected me more than I realized so the overeating (about 300 calories a day) was also a result of that trauma that I think I am still dealing with sometimes.

I am not whining, mind you. I am still in my healthy weight range with a 24 BMI, but I really like to be 22 - 22.5. That is when I feel my best. Many people do not even notice because I am so tall, but I could feel it in my Cabo bathing suit and wedding dresses (we had two dressed up wedding events). I knew I was not at, what I like to call, my "fighting weight." So, my goal is 173-176 range. I keep on gaining back that last 15. I thought I had it licked this last summer. When I can focus, I always do really well!

Maybe I should, as a personal trainer, lead a "Ten Pounds Down" Club or something where I take people through winter cardio and Pilates classes: strength and calorie burn workouts.

I should be at my goal by February 6. We will see when things ratchet up, if I am able to do it. The year I lost the 30 pounds, I had finished homeschooling, and we were not leading a Kingdom Community group. It was also a very dry winter so I walked a LOT between December 23 and April 15 when I hit the 30 pound goal.

All that to say is that I have this love affair with ice cream. I ate a LOT of pints during that five month ascent back up the scale!

So, I can do without ice cream and probably be very comfortable.

I am also not going to meet with a conversant in the winter. I added too much to my schedule. I probably will just meet with Kelsey every once in a while too. We would walk and winter walking is not as fun around here.

I think I will also go at least thirty minutes before my Pilates class and do the elliptical. I have done elliptical four times in the last week, and it has been really fun. I forgot how much I liked it. We do not have fancy cable. So, it is a treat to watch the cable news shows! (Such a nerd.)

SO, speaking of walking. There is a snow storm headed our way. So, I think I will go for a late fall walk now that it is light outside.

I will check in periodically with my BMI checks.

Here is my inspiration from four years ago:

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