Prayerful Review of My Weekend

Our wonderful church - always so glad I go!

When did I feel most alive, responsive, and living in tune with God's dream?

Walking the boardwalk at Finley Wildlife Refuge. Seeing the tundra swans making all sorts of noise on Cabell Marsh from the blind (we cannot hike on the Marsh at this time of year, but I thought we could observe it by walking on the boardwalk, and I was right!

Eat and Treats Steakhouse Salad with George and a free cookie.

The Finley Wildlife Refuge store! We bought a bunch of Christmas presents there!

Doing the thing I feared and submitting my grades for Fall term.

Reading Messiah Meditations - I know I wrote it, but I really like it.

Writing these prayer reviews are life-giving for me!

Writing in general. I have not done as much of it lately, and I really, really enjoy it.

Listening to my three new Christmas CD's by Jeff Johnson, Brian Dunning, and Wendy Goodwin. They are excellent!

Dead/Unresponsive/Least Myself/Out of Tune with God's Dream?

Trying to get my Winter term website up and running.

Grades for four of my students not submitting correctly. Do not know why.

One of my students emailing to question her grade when she looked at the website incorrectly. Ugh! (I hate the grading part of my job - can you tell?)

One thing to express love for God and others tomorrow:

Yesterday follow up: "Give to charities instead of Christmas gifts to my family. I did one on Thursday and will do the other two today." 

Follow Up: I did just one, and I got the sweetest letter from the person we gave to! I will do the other one today and also send a letter to Chris, Holly, and Debbie telling them about it and sending links.

New Expression of Love: I need to pray about it. I am not sure I am hearing what He wants me to do. Stay tuned.


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