Freewrite on Wellness of Body and Soul and Mind


December 31, 2016 Update: 23.4 BMI and 10.6 pounds to go now! "Slow and SteadyWins the Race" and "Little by Little Gets the Job Done." 

It was probably a lot of water weight when I returned from Cabo. So, I am down to the weight that I told the guy at the Zip-Line. I wasn't lying. I just had not weighed myself since August 7th! That is so bad. I just got too busy and things got so traumatic the day after Spencer's wedding.

But that is all going to change in 2017. The course correction has been easy, and I must remember that I am 20 POUNDS lighter than I was seven years ago! That is amazing. Most people are gaining as they grow older. So, I am very happy.

I am also happy that I have been able to maintain a nice balance between POUNDS and PAIN. I am still continuing to do strengthening exercises, and I am going to go back to weight training TOMORROW! Overall, using my own body weight in Pilates keeps me strong, but there are certain areas that will benefit from targeted resistance training. So, I am going to really work on those areas, especially my arms that do not always get the attention because it is hard for me to do body weight exercises with them because of that elbow (that has gotten better, but it still is not GREAT). So, arm sculpting will be an emphasis. Legs are great because of the side-kick series, core is obviously very great. I could also benefit from more back exercises. I love the back extension exercises in Pilates (Swan, Single Leg Kick, Double Leg Kick, Swimming, Serratus Push Ups), but three of those are not done every single time I do Pilates. So, I need to do a little bit more with my lower trapezius, rhomboids, and serratus anterior muscles.

Another goal is to truly solve the Quadrates Lumborum issue. I know it is because that leg is shorter and puts strain on my L1-5. (This lovely blog has a nice explanation about the QL:

Another goal is to use my gadget that measures body fat in target areas. I just have not had time to unwrap it and look into it. I will do that tomorrow! Target areas for me will be my belly, love handles, and arms. :)


To say "It is well with my soul" sounds very cliché, but it is so true. I navigated the craziness of August 14 - 31st with good boundaries. Since then, there was the negativity with the coworker, and God removed that coworker and replaced that person with an amazingly KIND and THOUGHTFUL person. And the last little incident was quickly worked through and let go. All in all, I think that things are going swimmingly.

Moreover, it has been so healthy for me to seek God with people my own age again! What a delight to be with people I have discipled in the past, and I know are not going to trash me behind my back! They have my back, and they understand my need to set boundaries with people and even encourage me to do it more often. YAY for this.

I have also cut back on the "extra" things that others in our agency were putting upon me. I felt so good missing the event in November and replacing it with the Kingdom Community personality typing and spiritual gifts event!

It was also so healthy for me to go to Sister Joan. I am no longer tired. I was just very tired. I think the cumulative effect of having many people asking things of me that were really their job rather than mine and being around people who were so focused on themselves that they could not see me as a person. I am really grateful.

I have also navigated my extended family well. I don't know if I will ever have a meeting of heart and soul with them because of where they are on their journey, but I am very happy that they are sober and moving on. I treasure the history I have with them, but I know that family is with the one that George and I have created. And I so love being with my family. I see them growing into such wonderful men. I so enjoy talking and laughing with them, and it has been so fun to be with them this Christmas Season. Much of my family energy will be focused on praying things into their life and hoping that Michael can get a job! :)

Jesus - I will start reading in Genesis again with the Bible Book Club, but I will also read in the Gospels because I am challenged to know Jesus more intimately than ever before. There is always so much growth to be had, and I am so excited for the coming year to do that.

Kingdom Community - That will be primarily my Tuesday morning group. I know it takes a tremendous amount of time and energy, but the eternal dividends are enormous. I am so happy to be part of this 45-68 year old group! I love those 20's somethings, but I was a bit exhausted by them after seven years in their life. I will discuss The Making of a Leader with dear Elizabeth (she is a 30 something who is very other-centered) on Monday mornings, and that will be fun to review that book again.

George - Well the every other Thursday/Friday really worked for us in the Fall, and I want to stick to that again this year. It has been somewhat morphed because of Aunt Dot's kidney failure, but that has been an unexpected blessing as I did not really know her prior to this. There was never really opportunity to get to know her. So, I have enjoyed that. I will enjoy a trip to Hawaii with George's mom, George, and the Boys in March too. George and I are doing great, but that has always been the case because we are pretty easy going youngest children! LOL!

Church - I feel like I have such a good rhythm there. I know they know that my ministry is outside the walls, but they are very supportive of that. I don't see the time or inclination to be in any women's groups, but I will "Listen and Obey" about going to the Spring Retreat!


I am on a roll so am extending my fifteen minute freewrite to include my mind. Well, I completed the 52 books in 52 weeks challenge again. It was my fifth year (I read more than 52 prior to those years - LOL!). I liked that I caught up at the very end this year.  It is always harder for me to get through them on the years I lead the Kingdom Community, but I am very happy that I have spent lots of time this Christmas break reading! I already have some on my side table that I am reading. I do have one "required" one from my Random Reviews pile, and I just need to DIVE IN, but I have others I would like to finish first!

All that said, my mind went many places this year, and you can read about that in my last post where I had the 52 in 52 Wrap Up.

Well, that is all for now. I am going to Teala's sorority to have our 21st annual Day of Prayer (I did two of those remotely in Malaysia though). It has been good to evaluate my year a bit here too! I am so excited about the coming year. :)

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