Prayer Review of Friday

I have not done this for ten days. So, here I go!

Gifts from the last 24 hours:

One leftover massage from a package I bought last January (when I needed them more) that alleviated the tightness I have felt since Monday.

Prayer blessing from my message therapist.

George working from home.

When did I feel most alive, responsive, and living in tune with God's dream?

Oh, my heart be still. I love it when God confirms that my prayers have been in tune with His dream. We got a wonderful call from a woman at a large church here. The leadership has been sensing a direction for their church and two members of the leadership said they would be remiss if they did not contact us and find out what George and I thought. In 2010, we went to an outdoor service for this church, and God nudged my heart to pray for them in just the direction their church is now sensing they must go! In the summer of 2011, as a guest speaker already going in that direction spoke, God told me this was the beginning of the answer to that prayer. Subsequent years put me on their property, praying the wood chip trails overlooking the Crescent Valley and sensing that this church overlooking this Crescent Valley would go to the people of the crescent. I was also able to tell her about the prophecy over this part of the Willamette Valley being not only the number one exporter of grass seed but of good news seed! This was life-giving. Oh so life-giving. Will continue to pray for this God-sized thing.

Restful walk to and from massage and walk with George.

I never know how much I need to lay down after a massage and sitting for long periods of time can undo the benefit of a massage so I declined an invitation to lunch, and I am glad I did as I think it would have been intense.

Dead/Unresponsive/Least Myself/Out of Tune with God's Dream?

Stressing about submitting my grades because a few in my two classes will not get a good grade, and I hate that!

One thing to express love for God and others tomorrow:

Give to charities instead of Christmas gifts to my family. I did one on Thursday and will do the other two today.

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