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Wednesday Fifteen Minute Freewrite

When I have time to freewrite, I know I have created margin in my life. I have been very busy. I told George this morning that we have been doing everything we love lately. There is nothing we have been doing that is outside of our giftings and passions, but even too much of a good thing is not so good! 

So, today, I made an executive decision to just "be" here. All here. I do not have a single obligation until 3:30 this afternoon. I am thinking that I will NOT do anything on Friday or Saturday either. We realized we had not had a "clear calendar day" since April 16th, and I think we are due for one. So, I think I can swing tomorrow as a free day for just me, and then Saturday is a free day for the two of us together. George does work at home on Friday, but he will not be free. 

I think I have a free day. I do not want to come up for air on this freewrite to look at my calendar though. Actually, I remember that I do have a possibility of something, but I am going to resist it. I am not going to go to it. It would be really fun, but it might mean an obligation of more relationship follow-up, and I have more than enough relationships for one person, and George does too. We are filled up to fullness, and it is fun. Too much would not be fun. It would be a burden.

Richard Foster's Celebration of Discipline series has been lovely, and the "Discipline of Submission" chapter was pretty profound for all of us. He said something like, "Submission is also submission to your own human limitations." I know myself all too well that if I do too much, I crash. I have no energy left. I get crabby and lose perspective. I need those times of solitude and prayer beyond my daily time with God. I have learned the joy of a moment-by-moment relationship with Him more and more with each passing year as it has been my ambition to lead a 24/7/365 kind of life since I was in my early-20's. 30+ years of practice has made that more of a reality, but YET, I still need those times where that is my only occupation with no discipling others, no exercising, no Pilates, no teaching, no workshops, no social engagements, no writing work, nothing but me and Him and 100% focus. Both are important, but I follow Jesus' lead that He, "often departed to lonely places to pray." 

So, I sit here today. Actually, I do have something very important to do for my OSU Pilates classes, and I need to do them before Jennifer is off of work for the weekend because I might have questions for her. I also will need to grade two late papers that I anticipate will come in any minute. But that will be the bulk of my "work" for today. Then, I will help lead this Webinar at 3:45 - 5:15. Thursday night will be the beginning of my rest, of wait, I might go to the thing at Calvary tonight as Kellie is leading something fun. But FOR SURE, I will start bright and early Friday morning. (I may not go tonight either - I need to see if my partial rest this morning will be sufficient for me - I am very tired.) Friday and Saturday can both be those days. 

Well, I love to freewrite even though people always ask me what it is that I am doing. It still shocks me that anyone actually reads these things anyway! 

I also have to say that George always laughs when I say I have a free day because he knows that I will fill it with doing something productive, but I am not having to "work"! Productive does not mean that I cannot have restful productivity! I don't like to be a slug, at least not in the mornings. I am usually a slug in the late afternoon, and that has usually been my practice unless I meet with Kellie. I am sure glad we moved our Celebration of Discipline time to the mornings. I am so much more "with it" then!

I am sure it has been 15 minutes. 

I will say what is left of my longer term commitments:

Ahh. Saved by the BELL! No listing. I am pressing send. Please know I know the difference between there, their, and they're. I just do not proofread these things before I send and am aghast when I read them later on! LOL! 
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