Tuesday Twelve Freewrite

This new Google timer on my search page is going to be a boon to my existence! It is so convenient to do freewrites without having to search online for my old one or search for my little Flylady timer (Where is that thing anyway? I saw it recently, but I don't remember where. I am so bad at keeping track of little things.). 

I am going for a walk with Jamie today. I had been thinking that she would probably benefit from some basic discipleship time. It would be great. I think I will tell her that and see what she says.

I am texting with Ika from Indonesia right now about going on a walk. I am excited about that. I like her alot!

I need to contact T too. I have not heard from her in a few days, and I like to check up on her because she lives in a very dangerous place. 

I will do that after I finish this freewrite. 

I woke up early this morning. Yesterday, I had not gone to bed until 2 am because I was fixated on our London itinerary, and the time just flew by. I think I have a really good itinerary now, and I am excited about that. 

Ika and I are going to go to Bald Hill! I am not doing a very good job of sticking with this freewrite. LOL! I keep texting with Ika. 

Well, with my few minutes remaining, and I will say that I have eaten far too much ice cream lately. I think that May will be the day I start in earnest. Could I go a whole month without overeating? I have done it in the past (I don't think I am overeating truly because my weight is still OK - just a bit up from my ideal but still very healthy BMI). I need to bring my eating in or I will get overweight! It happens to so many at my age, and I am determined not to be a statistic! So, May it is! 

In fact, I will start TODAY with that (Even though there is another pint of ice cream screaming at me from the downstairs freezer - can I go until June 1st until I eat it? Hmm.)

Resolved. Ask me if I did it. I have it on the web for all the world to see! 

Ika and I will walk at 9 am. 

I think I am going to get to reading my book chapters for my study on Friday. :)

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