16. Delighting in God by A.W. Tozer

My, oh my! Get this book. I am a HUGE A.W. Tozer fan. He was the first theologian I read when I was a fairly young believer. I remember reading The Knowledge of the Holy in the music room of the Memorial Union Ballroom on the Oregon State University campus in 1981 and being absolutely blown away! This book is a follow-up to that book, but it was only recently published. 

It comes so perfectly timed as our Celebration of Discipline chapter this week was on Worship. I did not have an "I WILL" statement from our reading, but I knew God would reveal that to me. I had downloaded this free book on to my iPhone (Christian audio gives away a free book every month. If you want to download this one, you can download the app and search for it or go to the website HERE. This book is only available for May 2016, but if you are reading this after that, there will be another one available on the website.), and I had a long car journey up to Newberg, down to McMinnville, and back home. So I listened and marveled at God's perfect timing.

He talks about passion for God, and how our perception of God can be shaped. The outflow of that is worship and much more. Perception is reality, but I really believe our perception of Him is based more on the church's anemic representation of Him, rather than who He really is. That, coupled with our perception of Him that is based more on our parents, makes for not seeing God as He really is. Therefore, we do not delight in Him. This book is a call to truly seeing Him for who He is: fantasy transformed to reality.

So good. I am in the middle of the book, but I wanted to post this before I finished so others could take advantage of the free book for the next few days. I may add more to this book when I finish! 

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