Wednesday Freewrite

Things are slowing down so much that it looks like I can finally go up and see my mother-in-law, aunt-in-law, and George! I had to cancel something, but I was very happy to do that and wish I would have just done it last week since I was there already. 

I am really mellow this morning. I think I am still a little knocked out from allergies. Nancy is a little bit higher in elevation so her Scotch Broom was in bloom while they have stopped blooming down on the valley floor. So, needless to say, a 2 mile hike socked it to me. 

Nevertheless, the walk was so worth it. What a glorious and beautiful day! I loved it. We had a nice talk on worship yesterday. It was lovely. 

All of a sudden, I am thinking how nice it would be to have a webinar about spiritual growth with people all over the world. Women who are in countries where they are somewhat isolated. Or more specifically, single women who are isolated. I think about my talk with one of those single women. She is in the States right now though, but she is somewhat isolated, and she wants to have a "growth plan." What about a growth plan of spiritual growth going through Celebration of Discipline? 

I am going to pray into that, and we will see where that ends up. 

I went to my doctor for a little "check up" because I only see him once a month for back issues. Guess what, I went in there having not had any pain for a very long time, and I have had a pain in my right lower back ribs since he adjusted me last THURSDAY! That is six days. What gives? I don't understand what has happened.

I stayed at Nancy's until 4:30 yesterday. I got there at 9:30. It was was relaxing though. I needed a day "away" from things I could be doing at home. I needed a day to just talk. I talked about being tired. I am not as tired now. I think I am tired because of the allergies though. Seven hours is a long time, but I think Nancy enjoyed it. :) It was edifying conversation. 

I just want to say that I sense God's Spirit pretty powerfully now. I have been reading this heretical book by this guy who calls everyone else a heretic. I don't think he would know God's Spirit. I feel like he is always in his head, slamming every other legitimate spiritual leader in the world, not hearing God's still, small voice because he doesn't believe that God has a still, small voice. It made me very sad. I got his book because somehow it came up when I was searching for something else. The heretic who calls others heretics. The people he calls heretics are just going about their business helping others grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ while he is spending all his time and energy slandering and mocking others and trying to recruit people to his point of view. It is very interesting. You will know them by their fruit. Where is the fruit in this man's life. He really believes he is doing God's work, but he is creating destruction and disunity. I am resolved to pray for him.

On a fun note, I have LOVED praying for the world recently. I am in the "K" countries. :) 

And speaking of that, I am off to do it because my 15 minutes freewrite is officially over. 

Have a wonderful, sunny, lovely day!
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