15. The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Can I just say, "WOW!"? 

I had this as one of the books in my library. Somehow I have a memory of reading this in the Rustenbach's backyard in about 1981, but I remember a much smaller book. It must have been something else or maybe it is was just a chapter of it.

This book is so deep and rings so true in my heart. The advantage of listening to it in audio is that I don't find Bonhoeffer as difficult to get through (thinking how audio helped me get through C.S. Lewis and Dallas Willard when I first began reading them), but the disadvantage is that there were so many gems that I would have loved to underline and cut and paste! 

I think everyone should read this (behind the Bible, of course). I think it will be hard for most to get through but well-worth the sustained effort. 

The audio narration was lovely too. 

This book is so compelling. I especially liked his words on the disciple and unbelievers. The bottom line is the way of love, which is the way of Jesus. I have said that to so many who have wanted to thump people over the head with the gospel. 

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