Sweet Sixteen Saturday Freewrite

Sixteen minutes on a Saturday at . . . darn . . . I should have done it at 6:16 or 7:17! Then it would have been so alliterative that I would have been in raptures.


It is 9:46, and I have already started reading Galatians (yummy), sipped my chai (two days without it while up in Newberg and McMinnville is such a sad thing), listened to Tozer, written a review of Tozer, responded to emails about request to lead another thing (a good thing - so am tempted), and had a dialogue with a friend who wrote me in distress last night and then did not respond when I asked what was wrong (8:36-9:26)! ACK! All is right with her (I finally started praying when she didn't respond to my texts about her condition! Duh!)

Oh yes, then George got up, and we processed about a few things. I also cleaned up the kitchen, having neglected to totally clean it up before i left on Wednesday afternoon (bad homemaker!). 

So, here I sit three hours after having risen from my slumber (A good one - I might add after a very lousy one my first night in Newberg! I needed to catch up. I slept from 10:30-2:30 and had to get up due to Mexican food tummy ache, bad bed, and shifting hubby.) I have a free Saturday morning only because I opted out of going to book club this morning. They are discussing Wuthering Heights, and this group had already discussed it long ago, and I did not want to revisit it with the newbies. I like all those newbies though. They are reading Jungle Book next, and I definitely want to go to that one! :) 

George is going to pick up my hold. I want some more Bible Study time though. I think Galatians deserves my full attention, and I was distracted by my friend's distress. 

I sit here so happy to say that I "It IS well with my soul." I told George there was one thing that was causing me stress, but I pray for it daily, and I expect God to answer in a surprising and wonderful way. 

I sit here in love with God and my husband, and so loving my boys. They are men of exceptional character and responsibility. I really love them a whole lot. I love that Paul freewrites every day, and that I did not know it. I am so happy that Michael responsibly carries out everything that he needs to do without expecting us to hold his hand. I pray he gets an internship in animation this summer. :) He is so talented. I pray Paul gets one in graphic design, but I think that will come later these days. 

I love Tozer, and I hope that you can read my review before this post. SO yummy.

I got distracted by that handsome man in the room so I added five minutes to my freewrite time and am going to not stop (he is leaving to pick up library holds and tomatoes so I will be distraction free until my next thing - lol!).

So what else is on my mind (freewrites mean you can write about anything you want). I have been eating too much. For Mother's Day, I got twelve HUGE chocolate dipped strawberries, three cheesecakes, and one HUGE ice cream cake (and a partridge in a pear tree - oh wait, no). How can one person eat all that before they go back. George came home after a week, and I am forcing him to eat one of the cheesecakes and having Paul have ice cream cake. If it is in the house, I feel obligated to eat it! 

Well, I am now tired of freewriting and will go for a walk in the rain. I need to move more and eat less as I think I have put on five pounds since the beginning of the term! ACK! I can feel it keenly. 

So good-bye blog for today. :) 
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