Wednesday Freewrite

I don't have a whole lot of time this morning as I stayed up late finishing up watching Dr. Thorne, an adapted screenplay by Julian Fellowes from a Anthony Trollope book.

It was lovely. Most of the actors were familiar to me. It was great to watch. Alas, I stayed up too late. I look forward to having the summer off where I do not have to rush out the door in the mornings. At this point, I am done getting up and out the door on Mondays, and I only have one more Wednesday, and I am done. I also finished up my Tuesday morning commitment, and I will be done with the Thursday afternoon commitment once on month this Thursdays. My only commitment will be the Summer Storytelling Symposium (or some other "S" to make it an alliteration). I am hoping to have that in the mornings, but I need to talk to the lovely girl who teaches at INTO to see if she is teaching this summer. 

All that said, I think my first priority will be getting a bit more cardio in. I have done a lot of core strengthening this year, and I am rock solid. I will continue to do Pilates each morning, and I hope to have Marie train me on the apparatus a bit this summer (expensive, but I am curious). But I want to combine that with more cardio. I have especially enjoyed riding my bike to and from class every Monday and Wednesday (except on days I have had Dial-a-book or it has rained too much. I think I have only had one day where the rain was the reason for me driving to work - amazing for Oregon). All that said, I need more calorie burn. My cardiovascular fitness level is still excellent, but I just am not burning calories like I used to with the extra Pilates. So, it is more walking and moving around every day of the week. I hope to do many home projects that always burn a lot of calories. I hope to go through each closet. I had started that last summer, and I got through many of them, but I also want to do a total kitchen reorganization, paint the wall in my bedroom. I also want to get the deck all spruced up as the plexiglass has been broken for years. 

I need to be faithful to do all of these things and not sit around! Move More and Eat Less.

I have been eating too much lately! I just snack in the evenings. But that will change as I hope to move more in the evenings too. The three shows I love to watch: Survivor, Amazing Race, and Dancing with the Stars have all concluded. So, in the evenings, I will move more; but I also hope to read more. I have so many books waiting to be read, and I just have not been good about reading them! 

I also hope to go up with George more often as I will not be limited on Mondays and Wednesdays. I will just not teach at SNAP on the weeks when I want to be up with George. If my enrollment for SNAP continues to be low in the summer, I will take a hiatus in the class. 

Well, that is almost fifteen minutes, and I need to get ready for my second to last day of class. I will be meeting with my boss after class today, and I am bit nervous. I am not sure why. I have debated about continuing to do this. I have not been able to develop my personal training, but I love being able to work with people who are young and establishing life-long habits of postural awareness, corrective stretching, and core stabilization! I use all my knowledge from personal training for this class too. It has benefited me greatly. 

I applied for the scholarship for further Pilates training, but I have not heard a word. I guess I didn't even make the first cut. Oh well!

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