Wednesday Freewrite

I have been able to do more freewrites lately. I love them. I love that Paul does them daily now. YAY!

I am still suffering from allergies! I keep thinking I am better, take a walk in this beautiful weather, and then suffer the consequences the next morning when I am all stuffed up. I don't know if I will stopped walking and riding my bike though because I love outdoor exercise. What is a girl to do? We will see. 

I must remind Will that I need my membership refunded. Sue is the only one coming to my class lately, and I think it is weird that three weeks ago, I had a full class. The weather is much nicer so people are out and about. I am wondering about it all and will just have to pray about it.

I know it is silly, but I am watching the finale of all these shows that I watch in the spring: Survivor, Amazing Race (last Friday), Dancing with the Stars, and Selfridge. I am not sure when the finale for Call the Midwife is though. Anyway, I am excited to have more time to read! I have a pile of books I am ready to plow through in the evenings!

I got a book called The Inklings that Lorraine had on her shelf. I am very excited to do that since I will go to where they gathered in Oxford! YAY. 

I know it has not been fifteen minutes, but I am struggling for things to write. Today, I have to straighten up the house for Valentina, get ready to teach a Ball Pilates class (I cannot for my 10 am because Dee is using the balls for her class.), teach two classes, stop by free lunch and say hi to Ika on my way to having lunch with Teala. Then I go to the library to pick up dial-a-book books and then back home for a bit of a rest before my Wednesday Pilates night class. Then, it is that Survivor finale! 

Thursday is relatively free other than a lunch at Panera with Michelle. I have not seen her in forever. I have no idea what she is up to these days.

Friday, George is working from home so I am keeping the day clear and working on home projects which have been sadly neglected. 

Saturday, we are free! I had the option of going to a listening prayer workshop, but it was a basic level one and none of the women I mentor needed that basic level, and I certainly did not. I am excited about having a truly 100% free Saturday for the first time since April 16. Last Saturday was close to it, but we went to the wedding (which was a joy) in the afternoon and early evening. 

Well, now it is probably closer to the fifteen minutes. Valentina will be here in 1 hour and 15 minutes (I woke up at 5:15 but went back to sleep until 6:15!).  So, I must get this house ready for her. I don't care if there are allergens throughout the air, I won't to go out and enjoy the sunshine! 

Ta ta for now. 12 1/2 minute freewrite is better than no freewrite at all! 
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