Thursday Morn Freewrite

I am letting my fingers fly freewriting for fifteen (oh how I love alliterations). 

I am listening to whatever plays on my iPhone. It is Christmas music right now. So fun. 

I have such peace today. It is Thursday. It is the day I go, "Ah!" I am done with all my classes, and this Thursday I have already entered all my enrollment points for Wednesday and won't be doing it at the last minute on Monday morning.

The weather is going to clear up in the afternoon, but I did take a little walk around the block and so good for my soul as I worship to Great is Thy Faithfulness. How do people live their life without the Lord? Tell me how?

I taught all three classes yesterday, and it felt so good. I decided to do no correcting. I have spent the last three weeks walking around the classroom correcting gently. If they don't have it by now, they will not have it. My Pilates I class is already universally doing all the movements very properly, having had no previous experience with Pilates. There is one, but I don't know if that person will ever be able to do them properly due to physical limitations, but that person is not going to get hurt doing them. That is my goal. My Pilates II class, not so much. They have a lot of bad habits from previous instruction, and they probably think they are doing it correctly. The ones that do the best in that class are the "clean slate" ones! Again, they are not going to get hurt doing the moves though. Really no one in that class will. So, I feel like I have done my job! I have one person in the second class that is critical, but she has pretty bad form, even though one of her previous classes is from a very good instructor (and the three other people from that woman's class have beautiful form). 

All in all. I think it has been a very good term. I only have one student that thought she didn't need to come to class anymore if she changed it to Pass/No Pass. Don't know how she got that. That is the hardest part for me. A few that I recommended take it Pass/No Pass never followed through to do it, and they won't get an "A" but not my responsibility. I am learning to let it go, but my shepherding heart wants to train them to be responsible. But that was their parents' job long ago. :)

Thursday is definitely my day off. I love this day. I am fasting and praying as an application from the last two days of Celebration of Discipline. I felt that last time went much better than the three previous times. We stayed more on track. It has added quite a bit to my schedule as Tuesdays used to be my day to catch up on things, and Thursdays were my day to be able to go up to see my sweetheart. But I have loved the recharge of the disciplines. I have been practicing them diligently for the last 37 years (Summer of '79 cemented in my life. No going back. The benefits were so evident. for me in that area. Summer of '81 put a punctuation point on it. Thank you Navigators. I will FOREVER be grateful for all you have done for me!), but there is something about going "back to the basics" and seeing the lights go on for others in this area, that I find so wonderful!

There you go. It is time to stop. I am tempted to proofread, but I must press the button and press on with my day to pray for the world and read the Celebration of Discipline chapter (study) for this week! :) 


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