Productive Monday

I led a workshop on Saturday, and there was a lot of interaction with people, people, people. So, I was pretty tired on Sunday. So, I took the entire day off, and this morning, I was a machine! 

I updated both of my syllabi for Spring term, sent them to my department, uploaded them on canvas, and published both my Canvas courses for the Spring!

Then I sent my handout for the April 2 Listening Prayer set I am doing for two focused prayer days up in Portland to the people I am meeting with for a Skype meeting at 1 pm.

I also got all the details of the storytelling workshop I am doing, communicated with all the people I need to communicate with about this and began listening to my stories again, sending Jonah to my girlfriend (really need to shorten that one - too long!). 

I am SO GLAD I got a new iPhone. For some reason, songs were not transferring to my iPhone 5. I wanted to wait until the iPhone 7 came out but it was just not working properly anymore. Getting this iPhone 6 so late will help me to get the 7 when the 8 comes out (because I am so cheap). 

Now I have the rest of the week to work on my taxes! YAY! 


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