9. Rick Steves London 2016

This book is worth every penny you spend on it. Yes, there are a few inaccurate statements. For instance, according to Rick, Henry VIII beheaded "several" wives. He only beheaded two, which Rick does say in another part of the book, but two is "a couple" and not "several." There are also inaccurate prices, but I am sure he published this before the new summer 2016 prices came out. He also does not include the Handel and Hendrix House which I think is an important part of history of the area (Both musicians had apartments in the same building generations apart, and it is now a fine museum in London.)  He mentions Handel in the Westminster Abbey, National Portrait Gallery, and British Library sections, but there is no mention of this House. Curious to me. 
I am sure I will find other little oversights and inaccuracies here and there as I travel there this summer, but I found this an entertaining read (yes, I read the whole thing). I know I will not be able to go to all the places he mentions, but I had so much fun reading about them! 

I read most of it on a 16 hour car journey with my family, and I had a fun time quizzing my family through the "British-Yankee Vocabulary" section. We knew that Dr. Seuss' Sleep Book lines were altered in the British version of the book, and now we know why! (We lived in a former British Colony - Malaysia.) Let's just say that even though the words "fannies" and "crannies" rhyme, you cannot use these words in a British version! LOL!


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