6. The Healing Timeline: God Shalom for the Past, Present, and Future

This book has some real merit. I had a client come to me years ago. She had gone to this author's workshop, and she had done her timeline and had a memory that she was stuck on. So, she came to me to do some listening prayer for it. I never knew what this was until my friend loaned me her book this year. 

In short, it incorporated listening prayer for a painful memory. Then, you go one year beyond the memory and give the client cues for a memory from that year. You go on and cue with one memory from each year up until the current age of the client. Then you go back and do listening prayer for that event again. You keep going back to the memory and repeat the timeline afterward until there is "neural integration" between the painful child and the adult. Each time you go back, the client is able to apply more maturity to the memory. I am sure I am not explaining this perfectly, but it makes sense! 

The only thing I have a problem with is that she "suggests" what Jesus might say, and I don't think we need to speak for Jesus in the memory. He is more than capable of speaking for Himself! I think I could incorporate what I use in listening prayer (God intervening and me facilitating that) and integrating the timeline into it. 

I wanted to go to her workshop in Bellevue in April, but I am too busy. Maybe next year; but if this intrigues you, here is the information for the conference and more about the author:

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