Thursday Thirteen Freewrite

"No fruit's gonna' come through you unless you remain in me."  That is the line of the Soothing Worship set that I listen to by Jon Thurlow. I have been a bit more frenetic than I would like this week. It is understandable since I am starting a new term. I am not sure how much longer I will teach because going to and from campus and all the paperwork is much more work than just going to an athletic club and teaching an open class. I love the challenge though. I really do like the challenge. I also love the results, seeing students improve from the beginning to the end of the term. It is inspiring for me.

I have many returning students. So, I see that as a very positive sign that people are enjoying my class. I had one guy wonder when it was going to get harder, but I want to start everyone at the same spot if they have all been at different classes. I want to get us all up to snuff on things like breathing, concentration, control, centering (core), precision, and flow. So, I think it is best to start at the beginning and work forward on their journey. If it is not hard enough for them it is because they are not doing the more advanced way to do the exercise. 

Anywho, back to that "No fruit's gonna' come though your unless you remain in me." I want today to be a day of transition for me. Sure, I need to do laundry and will continue reading my books, but I am going into prayer for 12 hours with a group of wonderful people on Friday and Saturday, and I want to prepare my heart in every way possible. I must center. I must focus. It should not be too hard. I am so looking forward to having a day of solitude in the near future. That is on my list of "things to prioritize."  

I took a spill and almost tumbled down the stairs. I did start to tumble, but I grabbed the rail to stop my downward tumble. I wrenched my arm back and scraped it, but it is better than the alternative of going down the stairs. My knee also got a bit contorted on the other side too. One thing that did not tweak is my back! Strong core does it again! YAY! I am so grateful for a consistent plan of Pilates in my life. It really does help to teach.

Hmm. Maybe I should teach a weightlifting class, and I would be more consistent in that too. Seriously was very consistent from October to February, but then I pulled my Lat muscle on my left and then my ribs got out of place because of it. That took about a month to recover! LOL! 

It is no matter. After this prayer event this weekend, I just have one other weekend commitment (April 22-23) until either June 4 or 25, and I will no longer be teaching by then. So, I will be able to handle a busy weekend. I will also be done with my Celebration of Discipline group by May 17. Yes, even by June 1st, my life will slow down considerably. I also don't know how much longer Will will have the SNAP Pilates classes go with only two people coming lately. Many of my consistent regulars have not been able to come (for many good reasons too!). 

Spring always seems to be busier than other times. 

There goes the thirteen minute timer. On to other things. Primarily some good time with God!


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