Wednesday Ten Freewrite

Well, wouldn't you know it that I would not do a freewrite yesterday even though I had decided to do one everyday this week! LOL!

Yesterday was sort of a wash because I felt really run over. I thought it was because I had a super busy Monday, but it was because I rode my bike to class and back in the sunshine and the POLLEN! Those flowering trees are so beautiful, and I like them very much; but they do not like me!!! I ALWAYS forget to take Allegra preemptively! So, I paid for it yesterday until I realized that I could take a shower, wash my hair, and get any remaining pollen out of my system. I had showered but did not wash my hair!  So, I am going to try and ride my bike today, armed with Allegra. We will see! I have Thursday to recover so I should be OK! 

I am still deciding what to do about my weekend plans. So, we will see what I should do. I have been too busy getting my classes up and running for the new term. That always means making up grade sheets and having things change as people add and drop willy nilly. 

I am happy about my classes. I don't seem to have a complainer yet. I had a complainer in my second class last term, and it was so discouraging. Nothing I did was every right. She never said a positive thing to me the entire term! So far, no complainers in sight! 

I think it has only been five minutes of this ten minute freewrite, but I really need to get ready for class. I hope to get through all of the 19 exercises. I got through 14 in my first class and through 16 in my second class. So, I think I can get through all of them today. :) 

Well, ta ta for now!  


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