Friday Freewrite Fifteen

If I were more of a "J" personality type, I would do these every Friday, but alas, I am not a strong "J" at that.

So here I write.

The last two weeks have been so interesting. I have had to be honest without being offensive on three occasions. The most major of the three turned out BEAUTIFULLY. There was so much growth on my part, and the other person's very teachable self. It is just how God instructed me to approach this person when we started a little study group in February. Through the whole process, I have closure of a ten year mystery. I just finished up my gospel readings today with Jesus saying, "It is finished!" I truly believe that it is finished. I am still praying for an apology from one of the parties from ten years ago. I have imagined myself writing a letter explaining the whole story because that person only got part of the story. But my husband advises against that, and I am encouraged by Jesus' words to Peter after His resurrection to not look at the other man. Jesus said, "You follow Me!"  So I will not concern myself with the other man in this situation. I will just follow Jesus, and the result of the release because of that situation ten years ago is that I am free to, "Make disciples of all nations."  That is Jesus' calling for us. I must obey, and I would venture to say that I was not obeying that calling by doing what I was doing in that previous situation. I am now in God's place, and there is no bitterness toward those who wronged me because, "I am in God's place."

The other situation, I was honest, but the person was too insecure to acknowledge. I handled it well when I saw their reaction to my honesty, but I will not do it again as that would be throwing out "indigestible pearls" to that person. I did not do wrong in honesty, but I need to be selective with my honesty (as in the above case). 

The third case of honesty was in a defensive manner. I did not do that in the right spirit, even though I felt the behavior was offensive to me. That was quickly resolved with both of us apologizing for what we said. Very quick and brief. That third person has maturity, and I was just as much to blame for my response that was not led by God! 

I am very happy to be growing. There was pain in the process, but it was only slight, and a "shout of joy" definitely came in the morning! YAY GOD!

I have so many things to get done, but I am glad I spend three hours this morning with God before getting on with the taxes and workshop prep! Oh, I also need to set up my Canvas pages for my two Spring term classes at OSU and get ready for a personal training appointment at 2 pm. God is so very good. 

One thing I am very excited about it that my hubby, George, is home every other Friday! His boss is letting him work from home!!! Oh, my heart be still! I cannot contain my joy even though sometimes it is so very hard for us to be in the same room and not talk to one another. I am so grateful for a soulmate like George. When he came home last night, we celebrated with a late dinner together (furnished by the good "Free lunch" ladies who know I love leftovers), and I showed him the England itinerary I have been working on (instead of preparing for the workshop and doing my taxes . . . lol).

Well, it is that 15 minute time. So good to process on the keys this morning. 


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