35. 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back by Esther Gokhale

I went to the free workshop a few months back and was intrigued to perfect the sitting and sleeping techniques. I promised a review last July and realized today that I never delivered on that promise so am updating this review today!

Now that I have become a personal trainer, I realize that many of her postural principles are so true. I love how she has pictures of proper posture and how to properly move correctly through the activities of everyday life. I have taught her principles of "glidewalking" to my Pilates classes (making them walk around the classroom using their Glutes rather than their psoas). Now that I know that muscle mechanics behind all of that, I see that she has some sound principles and techniques. 

I got caught up on how to do "stretchlying" and "tallstanding" though! She has a weekend workshop that you can attend for $450, and I am going to see if I can count that as continuing education for my personal training recertification. I was hoping not to have to pay that much to find out how to do those correctly though! Maybe I will search YouTube for some examples of how to do it. I can imagine having someone correct you would be very valuable though. 

I have applied many of these principles, and it has been a wonderful piece of the puzzle that is my back! 
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