On Track to be a Very Low Volume Blogging Year

I have not done a lot of sitting this year. When I do blog, I try to do it while standing at my stand up desk I got for Christmas. I am on board to get a Treadmill Desk from our local "Play it Again Sports" outlet here. I am getting practically a FREE anniversary week because a friend is giving us their townhouse for two nights, and we are going to the place we spent our honeymoon for two nights and we have more than enough Capital One miles to cover that! I had saved enough money for an overseas anniversary getaway. SO, I will buy the treadmill desk! (Also decided against a hot tub on our deck. We found a used one for 1/3 the price, but it was going to cost 1200 to rewire and another 300 to get a crane to put it on our deck. What a pain! More trouble that it is worth since I do not anticipate we will live here for more than five years.)

I will do brief reviews of my last two books though and then go back to finding an 8 x 10 picture I had printed of Michael for his high school graduation that I want to put in a frame. As many times I have run across this picture through the last four years, I cannot find it now that I am ready to put it in a frame and finish my living room project! UGH! Where is it???? In the meantime, my office has been torn apart! But that is good. I need to do some decluttering in there! 

So here I go!


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