Wednesday Freewrite

I have not been doing this as I said I would. :) Yesterday was hard. I had something that disturbed me happen a couple of days ago, and it was not until I got up to have my time with God that it all came to a head. I needed a lot more time to process but had a meeting with many others at 8:30. Bad idea. Things came to a head with me, and I had to leave the meeting at 11 am to process the stuff. I had to grieve. I had to let go of my worry and anxiety over a dear friend. I feel like this friend is slipping, and I cannot do anything to help her. So, I had a good cry. I processed with George and Kim, and later on with Nancy. Nathan also called me during the lunch break in the meeting, and he was awesome. I came back without embarrassment. Sometimes having Empathy as your second signature theme has its drawbacks!

Well, my number one signature theme is Learner. I have spent so much on signature theme #3 this summer: Achiever. We have gotten so many home projects done that I am amazed! I am so happy about it too. BUT I miss my Learner theme! So, I will be . . . 

I have no idea what derailed me on this, but things got all messed up because Kellie used my computer and signed into her gmail account and did not log out afterward. So, it was a mess. I am hoping this posts. 
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