Tuesday Twelve at Two

Twelve minute freewrite at 2:00 pm. GO!

It is my 25th anniversary today, and here I sit in a nice studio room on the Oregon Coast. The sun is shining, and it is warm. We walked for almost 7 miles in shorts and mostly bare feet all morning, and now we are back for an afternoon siesta (or at least George is taking one because I am not much of a napper). I thought I would record that we are so enjoying a no-agenda kind of getaway!

We got here, having skipped lunch, and went for the early bird special on the tenth floor of this amazing place. The weather was spectacular as we sat there watching the waves. Delightful.

After that, we walked for an hour and a half out to Siletz Bay and then up the Schooner Creek until we could not go up any further (we needed to have kayaks!).  Then we walked back up through town back to our hotel. 

We looked out our balcony and saw that the pool was totally empty (lots of little kids earlier in the day) so we JUMPED at the opportunity, and I did laps. Then, we went into the jacuzzi. I came back and did MELT. THEN, I got in the great jacuzzi tub. After that, I read Greg's great autobiography.

I woke up really early and had a great time with God remembering what a terrible night I had before our wedding, and how I was convinced that the enemy was messing with my head. What a blow to his head to have me persevere through the night and go for that long drive down Hwy 20 to that park before the bridge and do just give that devil a good swift KICK. Then, I drove back to the church and prayed through the whole place for our day, and how glad I am that I did not give into despair that day. I can see why the devil did not want it to happen. :) It has been bliss for us. Absolute bliss, and I am not afraid to say that. George is the easiest person in the world to live with, and he is my best friend. We talked about why it has worked, and he said, "Because he had never met anybody who loves the same kinds of things." We love the same kind of ministry, we love classical books and music, we love long walks and hikes and bike rides. We love to talk about deep (rather than trivial) things. We love to meet at the mind and the heart. 

Anywho, we spent an hour in prayer this morning over so many things, but much of it was intercession for all the wonderful people who have been in our life over these last 25 years of blessing and bliss.

Oh my, it is way over twelve minutes and closer to my normal 15. Would love to post pictures, but I want to get to some Foundation Training! 
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