Monday Madness

Well, tomorrow is my 25th wedding anniversary, and we are starting it off today by having a leisurely morning together (although the excitement of getting a call from the ortho office at 8 am telling us that our youngest had a 7:50 am appointment was not very leisurely - he obviously did not write it down and did not tell us about it). After we get EURO PILLOWS (When did these become popular in the US? There were two shams in our comforter set, and I have never even heard of them.) at Target, we are going to the place where it all began: The Inn at Spanish Head. I even found my receipt from 25 years ago. LOL! I am so excited to go away and just have no plans. I am bringing my hiking poles and boots because there are many nice trails to be had there. We will probably walk along the beach and sip tea (me) and coffee (he) and just have nowhere to go and no people to see. Celebrating US!

Well, I will go now to Target. I want closure on our bedroom. Well, I won't have closure until I paint the wall that got streaked many years ago when George had a wet shirt and hung it on the window sill to dry. I will have to paint it a contrasting color because I do not have the old paint color. I also want to fill an empty space with a family tree sort of picture wall. We did take down the rose pictures over our bed and put them in the bathroom because we took the Monet prints out of the bathroom and put them in our living room. We took the tapestry that used to hand over our old mantle piece (before John made our wood mantle that made it too small a space to hang the old tapestry) and put it over our bed. IT TOTALLY MATCHES EVERYTHING IN OUR ROOM! It is lovely over there and hides all marks left by the old rose pictures being there for 12 years! 

We also need to paint the master and guest bathroom ceilings. 

But the boys' dinosaur wall border and blue sponge paint is all gone! It was replaced by a neutral color, and now they can decide what goes on the walls. :) 

And the living room is totally DONE! YAY! I love how it all turned out!

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