Wednesday Freewrite

In keeping with my desire to freewrite more often, I am writing another day. Does this make it three in a row? Maybe more? I am not going to look because I am freewriting, by golly, and that means I write freely without having my fingers come away from the pen or keyboard (I really like writing both ways). 

I already wrote about what was an incredibly wonderful time on my 25th Anniversary at Inn of Spanish Head. After my writing, we just relaxed and read and watched news, and then we went up to the 10th floor to have our, oh so perfect, dinner at sunset. We had to wait, but they gave us a booth right at the window. It was spectacularly gorgeous (and after my fifteen minutes of fame freewriting, I will post a picture)! I splurged because George's mom gave us a hearty sum to have a lavish anniversary dinner. So, I had LOBSTER TAILS for the first time since probably Malaysia (when a "surf and turf" steak and lobster dinner was $10) back in 1998! It was heavenly as was the company. 
OUR 25TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY at the place where it all began! On top of the world overlooking the Pacific at sunset.
(I like this one because you can see the beach below)

We talked more about why it works for us so well: common passion and goals, always know how and what the other is doing because we always talk about what is happening in the other's lives (I guess I like that because we ARE, after all, two separate individuals even though we share common passions and goals. I have not lost my identity in who George is, and he has not his identity in me. Does that make sense, reader?), another thing George added is we have FUN! Perhaps that is because we are two youngest children, and that is very characteristic of youngest! WOOHOO!

I also would like to add that we know what the other is doing because we ask each other. I love being with an "other-centered" person. George has never been self-centered in any way, stretch, or form. He usually thinks about others before he thinks about himself, so naturally, he would ask and be interested in the other person, and the person he is most interested in is MOI! While I don't think I am as other-centered as George (he has such a servant's heart), I am more outwardly focused than inwardly-so (because I am a very strong SF personality type which is the Mother Teresa personality type). While he could lend himself to be inwardly-focused (NF), he is so healthy. I always say that healthy NF's are the bomb. It is just a matter of getting healthy! George is overwhelmingly healthy because even though he is other-centered, he knows how to care for his own soul! I love that about him.

We never drank the champagne the hotel gave us (forgot to). We came back, and I finished Greg's wonderful autobiography! It was lovely. So nice to know him. I always have such admiration for ENTP's! I could never be like them, but they amaze the socks off of me. He is such a maverick in so many ways. 

Oh, I have two more minutes. What shall I write now? George is across from me looking at the Chronicles of Higher Education for jobs out there. He has such a great job, but we are praying about our future during this get away too.

Oh, I also wanted to say that I am doing a FOOD FIFTY. I would like to lose the weight that has come on me without any kind of discipline eating since last JULY! I do not know what has happened to me. YES, I am still within my weight range, but I like to be at the LOWER END of it rather than the UPPER MIDDLE end! So, here we go again. Yesterday was a super big splurge, but for the next 50 days (minus my birthday on the 27th), I am going to GO FOR IT. 

Sadly, I do not think I will have consistent accountability with my FACED buddies. They have big families and busy lives, and I need DAILY encouragement that I just can no longer get from them. SO I am looking for two new FACED buddies who can DAILY report their eating to me, and I to them. 

Oh, now I am over my fifteen minutes, and I need to do some Pilates!


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