Sunday Freewrite

Fifteen minutes were going to start 20 minutes ago, but I did not get around to it as I was looking at other things. 

Operation "Hearth and Home" is still in progress. Yesterday, it was the bathroom ceilings which, because of improper ventilation have had some mold issues. George took apart the fans, and Michael cleaned them thoroughly. Then they painted both ceilings. It was a perfect day because we actually had rain. So it was cool and the windows and skylights were opened wide and the paint fumes escaped.

We also went to Fred Meyer to shop, and I found frames for 50 percent off (2 days sale). So, I got a nice one that said "Family" with room for 10 4x6 pictures. We also got one with similar metal work that held three 8 x 10's. I had the two pictures that I had printed from the boys' senior pictures:

I also put our latest studio family picture. It was back in 2011, and I think I would like to hire a photographer to do family portraits outdoors. Perhaps in the fall? I am not sure. We will see.

I also bought a wonderful frame with the saying, "Life is not measured by the breaths you take but by the moments that take your breath away." The picture I really wanted was our kiss at our wedding ceremony, but it is bound in our wedding book, and I have not idea how to get a hold of Kevin DeWhitt in order to make another 8 x 10. I will work on that, but in the meantime, I put the picture of George and I from the retreat. That is perfect because the flowers in that picture match our "Mediterranean Summer" tapestry (that I let sit in our bedroom closet when I could have totally changed the look of our room). I also put our wedding verses and verses from James on the opposite side of the tapestry (a smaller space so I used only two things).

So, now I just have to find 10 4 x 6 pictures for that frame and one in the boys' room (repainted with bare walls). I also need to put our Europe trip in the albums I have had for a few weeks. That is a project I will work on this week. Then, "Hearth and Home" major projects will be pretty much done other than perhaps painting a wall in my bedroom a darker color of green (because George dried a shirt on that wall, and it streaked it - still wondering what kind of paint she used for those walls, because they do not wash well) and painting the guest bathroom walls a sand color (there is a bit of mold in the corners that will not wash off). YAY! Hearth and Home was what you told me to do.

So, August is going to more about health, intercession, listening, and learning. 

Health - 10 pounds of weight loss, working on my body strength as I prepare for Pilates leading.

Intercession - walk for the world, gather for world prayer times with others, Joshua walks.

Listening - Listen and obey, grow in listening prayer through Theophostic (Transformational) Prayer Ministry (TPM) conference and Colorado.

Learning - Pilates instruction, Personal training course, TPM conference, visiting Nav headquarters. 

August will be climbing a big H.I.L.L.! 

I have gone over the 15 minutes. Oh by the way, "Hearth and Home" will still continue, but the big projects will be done by the end of July!
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